University General Assembly 3
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Edward Keenan Jacobs
South Africa

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Name: Edward Keenan Jacobs

Delegation: The United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland

Committee: General Assembly 3

Agenda: Prohibiting the use, stockpiling, production, and transfer of antipersonnel mines and their destruction.

The detriments of Anti-personnel mines have been plaguing the international community for decades. Every year, landmines kill thousands of people, the majority of which are civilians. The reason for this staggering fact is that anti-personnel mines kill and maim long after conflicts are over, resulting in vast areas of valuable land being put out of use, destroying livelihoods. This is precisely why this particular issue is of utmost importance to the international community.

Since the early 1900s, the international community has attempted to address the salient problems that anti-personnel landmines (APL) generated, however, it was not until 1993 that resolution 48/75K was adopted which demanded a complete hiatus in all mining globally in order to allow further research and negotiation. In addition, resolution 51/45S was adopted in December 1996 which urged states to aggressively pursue a legally binding agreement reducing the trade and usage of...