High School General Assembly 3


Irakli Svanidze

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Position Paper

Country: Republic of Turkey

Committee: General Assembly 3

Topic: Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All its Aspects

In the current era, where the nature of combat has shifted from total war between well-consolidated nation-states to irregular warfare against non-state actors, proliferation of small arms and light weapons is a dire subject that deserves the attention of the international community. Accumulation of a vast stockpile of illicit firearms is, with no exceptions, detrimental to the country/region in question and often has severe ramifications. One particularly prolific consequence of this is terrorism. Turkey is no stranger the horror of terrorism, both domestic and foreign and as such, fully understands the gravity of this issue.
This issue has, thankfully, not escaped the notice of the United Nations, as much was done to combat ...