High School General Assembly 6


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There are more people on the move today than ever before. According to UN statistics, there are 244 million international migrants living abroad worldwide but the condition is aggravated by the fact that 50 million of them are adolescents under 18. Migrant children especially those without documentation, are vulnerable to trafficking, abuse and exploitation. In transit and destination countries, migrants and their families often find themselves victims of discrimination, poverty and social marginalization. Republic of turkey, considered as a protector of children rights is extremely disappointed that compounding the problem, detention for immigration reasons is inadequately monitored, especially in the case of children. Countries have been found to detain unaccompanied children for months or years in unacceptable conditions, often without access to education, outdoor recreation, appropriate food, water and sanitation facilities. Government of turkey is deeply concerned that the lack of information about their situation is one of the most important barriers faced by inst...