High School General Assembly 2
Syrian Arab Republic


Samika Singh

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COMMITTEE- General Assembly 2 COUNTRY- Syrian Arab Republic AGENDA- Children and Armed Conflict

War in Syria and contiguous areas has been in news for almost six years. Not only this armed conflict has been an issue for Syria and other contiguous areas but it has become a serious issue for the international community due to gross human right violations in the name of assertion of right among the parties of conflict. Syrian armed conflict has become a serious issue not only for the parties of the conflict but the entire world; as this armed conflict has led to the degradation of human values, dignity for life and overall respect for humanity by the parties entangled in the conflict. This escalation of armed conflict has raised the issue of humanitarian crisis but at the same time it has also caused inconceivable pain and agony among the different sections of the affected society. Large scale migrations, emergence of refugee crisis and spread of this crisis to other countries have increased the vulnerabilities of the affected. Though Syrian Arab Republic conflict is a crisis for all but in this crisis it is children who are most vulnerable among the affected. According to the UN reports around 220 million children are victims of the armed conflict around the world, out of which 8.4 million are in the Syrian Arab republic. Indeed, according to the UN refugee agency, out of the...