University General Assembly 3


Priyanka Naidoo
South Africa

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The Delegation of the Republic of Sudan

General Assembly

Committee Three

Good morning honorable Chair and fellow esteemed delegates,

The delegation of Sudan believes that the banning of the use of anti-personnel mines as well as the stockpiling of weapons is a pertinent issue that has often been sidelined in discussions. Since World War II, an estimated 700,000 landmine victims including military and civilians have paid the ultimate cost for the planting of uncounted landmines.

The Republic of Sudan has a personal interest in this as it is a country riddled with unrest and internal conflict as well as being a signatory of the Ottawa Treaty. This has of course bequeathed a legacy of latent and lethal consequences resulting from constant strife as well as the diversity of landmine types. Whilst there has been an International Campaign to ban landmines unfortunately the problem is growing-esp...