High School General Assembly 6
Sri Lanka


Zhe Yan

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Position paper Delegate: Jim Yan

School: Xi’an Gaoxin No.1 Middle School, China

Country: Sri Lanka

Committee: General Assembly (Agenda item 6)

Topic: Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (might children)

A study by UNICEF, the United Nations Development Program and the Special Unit for South-South Cooperation (SU2SSC) indicated that about one million Sri Lankan children were staying at home and the urban population was less than 25 percent. The less of care has a negative impact on the education of left-behind children. Left-behind children are better than non-left-behind children and have better academic performance in school, but less care children had a bad performance in study. The domestic study found that some left-behind children had no appetite, the children who were younger than 5 years old had their weight lost, left-behind children had a problem of social ada...