High School Security Council
Russian Federation


Laura Mojica

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Delegation: Rogers Hall Country: Russian Federation Delegates: Eric García Martínez and Laura Fernanda Mojica López Children are nothing more than individuals, are nothing more than beings without accumulated experiences, are people with the desire of living, enjoying, having a profession and developing themselves the best they can in an appropriate environment.

Children are not our future, in fact they are our present. They are the ones who decide day by day, action by action the course of our society and space, are those who we should be able to call “agents of change”. But, how can someone who struggles for life be part of the so-called change that we all want to see? How can someone think about a future being unaware of it? How to think about tomorrow if looking at the dawn one more time seems uncertain to you? Considering the “The Six Grave Violations” as a main point of the topic, the Russian Federation would like to invite the other members of the council to look furthermore these violations worldwide. The main purpose of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the...