High School General Assembly 4
Russian Federation


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Trafficking of persons The problem of trafficking of people has been a challenge for the UN since it was created, and today it is still the matter of many speeches, conflicts and debates. As the name reveals, it involves the forced migration of the victims (often from one country to another), which is the reason it is an international issue and, most importantly, one that will not be solved without the cooperation of both countries (the ones that work as receptors and those which are where the victims are caught and dragged into the business, the emitters). By this I mean that these are felonies that are committed, at the end, not only in developing countries but also in the most developed ones, which in many occasions become the destinies for the victims, who, during the whole process, suffer inhuman conditions. As in any kind of business, it wouldn´t exist if there weren´t people who pay for the services these people provide against their will.

This activity is illegal in all countries, which is someth...