High School General Assembly 3
Russian Federation


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Alexandra Rosas

Russian Federation

Position Paper

GA 3

The illicit trade, manufacture, and circulation of small arms and light weapons and their excessive accumulation and uncontrolled spread in different regions of the world, cause humanitarian and socio-economic consequences; such as human suffering and a damaging impact on human dignity, they are also a threat to peace, reconciliation, safety, security, stability and sustainable development at many levels; they tend to destabilize societies and Governments, encourage crime, and foster terrorism, drug trafficking, mercenary activities and promote the violation of human rights. There are over 800 million weapons circulating around the world today; they are also used to threat, intimidate and brutalize a person or a whole community. Approximately 1000 people die every day because of small arms, including those who die in wars, suicide and even get accidentally killed. It is believed that this happens only in countries under ongoing armed conflict like Somalia, South Sudan or Sudan but it actually happens worldwide, even in peaceful countries. One of the major causes of this issue is the lack ...