High School General Assembly 6


Abby Horgan

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WIMUN 2017

Committee: Promotion and protection of human rights (migrant children) Country: Malaysia Delegate: Abigail Horgan, Jumeria Baccalaureate School

Child abuse is too complex an issue to be dismissed as a simple occurrence of mindless cruelty. Children experience violence in all spaces most familiar to them: in homes, schools and communities they live in. They also suffer abuse and exploitation in orphanages, in place of detention and on streets. Not only can child abuse be physical, it can be sexual, emotional and neglectful. People who live in poverty are prone to psychological stress, which can provoke anger or abusive behavior. This abuse is sometimes directed at children, usually because they are physically weaker than the adult abusers. This is an issue faced by the whole world. Despite Governments and the United Nations passing laws to prevent this issue, child abus...