High School General Assembly 1


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COUNTRY: - Liechtenstein

COMMITTEE: - High School General Assembly 1

SUBJECT OF DISCUSSION: - Strengthening the UN crime prevention and criminal justice system.


  1. Problem at hand

Crime is a global issue which is increasing day by day.The main reasons for crime is illiteracy and poverty .Common people are dragged into committing crime in name of cast, color and religion by the terrorist organizations. Organised crime is a very serious problem which the world is facing from the past decade .Many terror organisations has come in picture .Organised crime is mainly caused because of money laundering, illegal migration and lack of good education. Every time, innocent people have to suffer and it is creating the impact that the government is not strong enough.

  1. Importance of the issue to the global community and the positions of the issue

Crimes are not only there in one country but are present in almost all the countries. People die or are injured because of crime. It is an issue of human trafficking .People in the society are threatened worldwide .It is causing the citizen of Earth to lose faith in their government. Trade and trust between the countries are lowered. It is the cause of the p...