High School General Assembly 5


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Topic: Achieving sustainable development through employment creation and decent work for all Country: Lebanon. Committee: High school General Assembly 5 Delegate: Alexandra Andrea Castro Silva

There are about 7.5 billion people in this world; the majority is on working age. Such a massive number of people require jobs to sustain themselves, however the population has grown at an extremely fast pace and the number of jobs has not been able to keep up. This is why many people have acquired jobs whose conditions threaten their integrity or even their life. Because of this, now is the time to address the problem of the creation of jobs and their conditions. “Achieving sustainable development through employment creation and decent work for all” is aligned with the 8th goal of the UN Agenda for 2030, with the main goal being “no poverty” (goal 1). The goal of reducing world poverty must incorporate decent jobs for all. Decent jobs provide a fair income, good working conditions, access to social protection and freedom of association. The achievement of this goal will require job creation, social protection, social dialogue and workers’ rights (including those of migrant workers), while targeting environmental, social and economic growth. Efforts to achieve this goal have failed to show these desired results in the past.

Lebanon’s situation:
Unemployment in Lebanon is approximately 10 percent; however, unemployment among youth who are new to the labour force exceeds 25 per cent. Lebanon has established the National Employment Office which is the public entity in charge of finding job opportunities for job seekers and improving the employability and skill level of youths looking for their first job. UNDP and the International Labour Organization implemented capacity building projects its staff and upgrade the technological resources available. The World Bank and the government have also launched a program to improve the employment prospects of first-time job seekers. The program offers unemployed first-time job seekers life skills training, counseling, and placement services combined with twelve months on the-job training in a private firm.

There have been major achievements made by the country in terms of education, thanks to a strong partnership between the public and private sectors of education. Adult literacy rate is of 93.9 per cent (UNESCO 2015) and almost all primary school age children are in school. Gender differences in enrollment have disappeared. However, poorer children are more likely to enter lower quality schools and have more problems getting a job when they finish. The public education system is characterized by an old infrastructure and a lack of modern equipment, leaving children at a disadvantage when compared to private school children. Even graduates having a high level of education must ...