High School General Assembly 2


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Committee: Second Committee (Economic and Financial Committee)

Topic: Promotion and protection of human rights

Country: Lebanese Republic

Delegate: Alessandra Escudero

Lebanon hasn´t lived up to global standards in terms of human rights, like ensuring the protection and the freedom of each citizen. Lebanon has been attacked violently in many occasions in the last century. For that reason, it has been trying to rebuild itself, and ensure the well-being its citizens, especially its children. Steps have been taken but these are just the beginning because the Lebanese Republic still has a long way to go to reach its goal in this regard.

The Lebanese educational system suffered because of war and many schools were destroyed in the armed conflict. However, the right of education is one of the most important human rights because of its importance in determining the future of each nation. Almost 30% of the Lebanese population lives below the poverty line. In the past, many children entered the work force at an early age and in doing so gave up their right to ba...