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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a violation of human rights where vulnerable people are transported, recruited, or harbored by means of threat or force for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, or organ removal. Human trafficking is still a relevant issue because it is one of the fastest growing trans-national criminal industries with an estimation from 2012 of 21 million victims globally. Also, Human trafficking has been criminalized among most countries where it has shown to be a prominent issue. The UNODC does measurements by dividing the globe into regions, and it is bigger problem in regions where people are in poverty, at war, or something of the kind that leaves them vulnerable to migrate by any means(legal or illegal) necessary. Western and Central Europe is the most diverse with many foreign offenders, the largest share coming from Africa, the Middle East, and the majority of them being adult women for sexual exploitation. In Eastern and Central Asia, most trafficking is done within the region, a large majority of the offenders being adult women and the majority of victims being adult women for sexual exploitation. There is only partial data ...