High School General Assembly 2


Lu Xu

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Topic: Promotion and protection of human rights: children and armed conflict Throughout history, war has exacted an unacceptable toll on children and youth. Today, some 30 armed conflicts rage around the world, with children and youth suffering disproportionately. In the violence of war, children are murdered and wounded. They are abducted; used as soldiers, suffer sexual abuse and risk life threatening illness. They lose parents, friends and lose opportunities to learn. They were deprived their personal freedom. To protect the children better in conflict, the United Nations passed Declaration of the Rights of the Child on November 20th, 1959 and defined that the children all around the world should have each basic right. But some children workers thought Declaration of the Rights of the Child didn’t have legally binding, the United Nations decided to formulate a new convention with legally binding in 1978,Convention on the R...