University General Assembly 2


Marilo Meta

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• Topic Background

Honorable chair, Dear delegates, ladies and gentleman we are here to improve the coordination of efforts against trafficking in persons. Israel has been a member of United Nation since 1949 and it has supported and cooperated with the UN in every resolutions, treaties, conventions. Being a signatory to the Charter of the United Nations and a promoter of UN values finding a solution to this problem is one of the most important objectives of the United Nations currently has. Israel aspires to be a clear voice in efforts against trafficking in persons.

Trafficking in persons is a form of modern-day slavery, a human rights violation that constitutes a crime against the individual and the State. Trafficking in persons is a global problem that transcends national boundaries. Trafficking in persons is an international organized crime driven by gender inequality, the absence of equal opportunity, stark intra- and inter-State economic disparities, corruption and vulnerability due to failing judicial and law enforcement systems, civil instability and the failure of States to protect and provide for their citizens.

A variety of other international conventions adopted over the years contain provisions that address trafficking in per...