University General Assembly 1


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Topic Background

The integrity of the Law necessarily affects the entire scope of human interaction. The present issue concerns the dissemination and advancement of national and international justice protocols and institutions. As such, it applies to efforts in the development of practices concerning the policing, allegation, detention, prosecution, imprisonment, and legal counseling of individuals and institutions. Of particular importance is the status of said practices within regions experiencing or recovering from conflict. These regions contain disproportionately large vulnerable populations and are often rife with the abuse of power. Concerning vulnerable populations, the international community must redouble its efforts to protect women and children and to deter sexual violence, particularly at the hands of police and military personnel.

The purpose and definition of justice serve as points of contention between states. In recent years, the UN has prioritized restorative, rather than punitive justice as its ideal system. This process is put forward in section 4.5 of the Thematic Programme on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Reform of 2012-2015 (1). Another aspect of justice which must be considered is the capacity for the Law to ma...