High School General Assembly 5


Hyunwoo Sohn
Korea, Republic of

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Position Paper: IRAQ

Committee: High-school General Assembly Committee 5 Agenda: Achieving sustainable development through employment creation and decent work for all Delegation: Iraq

Country Introduction

Iraq is located in mid-west central Asia, bordering the Persian gulf, surrounded by Turkey to the North, Saudi Arabia and Syria to the West, and Iran to the east. It has a compact area of 438,317 square kilometers. It has a GDP per capita of $4334 and a GINI coefficient of 30.9. Also, its HDI (Human Development Index) is 0.654 which is below average.

Topic Background

With the trend of globalization bringing the people around the world ever closer, there have been changes in the way societies and countries influence one another. Issues once considered domestic, such as environment and economy, are now considered within the global context of sustainable development. So is the issue of the labor and employment, since the workers now can cross country borders and the multi-national corporate can recruit employees from factory workers to CEOs anywhere on earth (2012, Rio). At the same time, along with the discussion on human rights, there has been a movement towards the right of the workers, since as early as 1901. It has been nearly a century since the foundation of the International Labor Organization (ILO), and more recently, countries are setting regulations against illegal exploitation on the workers. The past decade, however, has changed the approach of the countries toward the employment issue. Creating more jobs, offering decent conditions to the employees and enhancing labor productivity is no more a domestic matter, nor is limited to human right situation. It is a necessary condition for a sustainable growth. Harassments and exploitations drive out valued labor supply from the market. Insecure employment opportunities discourage workers to be creative or productive. Lack of human capital undermines the potential of a country to change into a more equal, environmentally sustainable place.