High School General Assembly 3


Junyoung Lim
Korea, Republic of

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Committee: High School General Assembly 3 Agenda: Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons Delegation: Guatemala

 Weapons and arms are commonly perceived as dangerous tools for humans to use. The scale of weapons ranges from small, light ones such as handguns to massive ones such as tanks. However, regardless of their size and type, weaponry usage resorts in tragic accidents such as human death and physical destruction. Especially, when arms are obtained by abusive powers such as terrorist groups through illegal methods, the catastrophes get worse. Ultimately, reducing all forms of violence and casualties--the common goal of many nations--can be best achieved when the global society tackles all types of weapons. As yet, the international community has taken numerous actions to combat illicit trades of massive, colossal weapons. However, its attempts to eliminate illegal trades of small arms and light weapons (SALW) are still insufficient.     The importance of regulating illegal trades of SALW comes from their two main unique features compared to massive arms and weapons: high accessibility and difficul...