High School General Assembly 3


Justin Thomas

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The earth is spinning off its axis!! This place was once home to the greatest mythical figures. Greek gods and demi-gods alike, you and I, have now disintegrated into a murky stew of chaos and anarchy. The illicit trade of small arms has lured my homeland of Greece into a ruinous marriage. An unholy marriage which has produced undesirable children such as death, destruction and crime. Our existence is threatened!!! These hazards however can be eliminated. Greece was at the point in history, the mecca of knowledge and inspiration, a prosperous and thriving economy which today spiraled into a vortex of financial ruin. I refer to the clammy, sticky fingers of poverty over the past decade. An increase in organized crime has been fighting my country, how does an ailing nation fight against this monster. Greek authorities along with Israel (strategic foreign partners) has come together with us in the fight to reduce crime rate, lending a helping hand. “Team Work Makes The Dream Work”, is a popular saying in Jamaica. Crime is not endemic in Greece but it is an epidemic that has an enormous impact on our neighbors. Essentially Asia has felt the impact that the unregulated flow and diffusion of light weapons is currently having on peace and stability. Africa is awashed with arms and great conflict but it has had a consistent decrease since democracy. In the elimination process of all these crimes both countries have taken the same toll of using law enforcem...