High School General Assembly 3


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Committee: GA-3 Topic: illicit trade in small arms and light weapons in all its aspects Country: Ghana Illicit trade occurs globally, but it is concentrated of armed conflict, violence, and organized crime. In terms of actions that are illicit, this trade involves the illegal trafficking of small arms, and the exchange of money and drugs for small arms which are all commodities that cross borders around the globe. These weapons are not only the choice for a majority of regional conflicts today, but also for many terrorist groups operating around the world. This tends to subvert our societies, government, uplift crimes, terrorism, drug trafficking and promote human right of violation. Small weapons do not make the taking of lives easy but it also kills economies and the social. There are an estimated number of 875 million firearms in circulation but only about 79 million are actually registered with authorities. SALW are used to dehumanize a person or a society, Modern conflicts claim an estimated half a million people each year. 300,000 of these are from conflicts, and 200,000 ar...