High School General Assembly 4


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Committee: GA4 Country: Germany School name: INDIAN SCHOOL AL GHUBRA Delegate’s name: Nithin Premkumar
IMPROVING COORDINATION IN PREVENTING HUMAN TRAFFICKIJNG -WFUNA-2017-POSITION PAPER “Slavery is not a horror safely confined to the past; it continues to exist throughout the world, even in developed countries… across the world slave’s work and sweat and build and suffer”- Kevin Bales, author and Modern Abolitionist. Germany is the main European source, point of shipment, in organizing the trafficking of women, children, men who are forced into fornication and forced labor. To combat this Germany has made a lot of attempts and emphasized this problem on a global scale. Germany’s UN policy is characterized by a commitment to a broad range of UN areas of operation, many of which are incorporated into the work done by Federal Ministries and the Chancellor’s Office. Such themes include UN peacekeeping, the protection of human rights, sustainable development and humanitarian aid.

Approximately 89 percent of identified victims of human trafficking in Germany originate from European countries and 20 percent from within Germany. Approximately 17 percent of the identified trafficking victims are children. In some regions of Germany, human trafficking victims are generally between 17 and 35 years ...