High School General Assembly 6


Arnav Kapur

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The 21st century has been taken over by violence and hate. Terrorism has reached its zenith and the declaration of human rights seems to be a document lost in the channels of history. With the ISIS terrorizing the world ,especially Europe, leaving no nation unmarked, governments have lost power, militaries have lost control and millions of people have been rendered homeless. Europe has become the ‘epicenter’ of this massacre, leaving millions of displaced people at the mercy of the developed nations. With migrants seeking shelter there are millions of innocent children wanting assistance. These children instead of being immediately helped are detained at immigration centers clearly in violation of article 37 of the Convention of the rights of the child. Additionally, they are kept with people several years elder to them, for incalculable time, under almost no surveillance risking not only the physical health of the child, but also the mental condition of the child increasing chances of disorders like the PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). Even when they have entered the country, migrant children face discrimination, crime and health issues. On one side the state held camps lack proper infrastructure and health measures and on the other the families which adopt these children often mistreat them. Criminal groups often look for migrant children since their huge number often leaves some of them unidentified to use them for abuse, spoiling not only the child’s future but also compromising the society’s security. Nelson Mandela rightfully said, “The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow”. If not taken care of properly, these children may grow up to have deviant tendencies and have a high tendency to fail at leading a satisfied life. Looking at the present crisis in Europe, thousands of refugees travel every day of which many are children, the issue is relatively fresh and can easily be solved if discussed in time. Protection and Promotion of rights of migrant children is an issue supported by all counties. This can be easily confirmed by the fact that all nations except the United States of America have ratified the CRC. All groups and bloc are united in the cause of improving the status of migrant children. The CRC and its two optional conventions are comprehensive documents that underline the rules to be followed in order to protect the child. The discussion paper of 2008 by UNICEF , general discussion of 2012 by the committee on the rights of the child , recommendation paper by the UNICEF in June 2016 , work of organizations by like UNICEF, WHO, Amnesty international, Sirius migration education and various NGOs show the active participation of the global community. Since this issue is dominant in Europe these organizations are...