High School Security Council


William Knape

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Delegation of Ethiopia

Delegates: Reyna Daena Chávez Cisneros, William Jason Knape Moreno. Committee: Security Council.

Topic Children and Armed Conflicts

“Everyone was dying. You saw the legs or hands of your friends lying in front of you. It was so horrifying; you couldn’t make sense of it. It was hell! Boys lay on the ground for three or four days without being buried. We were fighting around their corpses.”

•Rashid, an Ethiopian high school student who fought on the Badme front in 1999.

On behalf of the President Mulato Teshome, the delegation of Ethiopia is grateful for the opportunity of participating in the resolution of the conflict in matter and extends a cordial greeting to all the present delegations.

Countless armed conflicts have shaken the world since ancient times, but mainly, the parts focus on winning, regardless of the disastrous consequences that come with their actions. Even though the casualties do not depend on genre, social status, or age, it has been noticeable that children suffer the most and the greatest pain, as well as dire atrocities, such as sexual assault, maiming, abduction, a...