High School General Assembly 2


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TOPIC BACKGROUND: The modern era today stands in stark contrast to its ideals. Instead of being in a state of balance, ours is a world largely trampled by violent acts of terrorism, gender/racial centric discrimination, and politically and economically unstable states. Groups such as the Islamic State and the former Lord’s Resistance Army are entities seeking to promote a violent environment which affects the people in general and the children in specific. Such affects are limited not only to the social structure but also the capabilities of a child. Due to utter pandemonium, especially in the developing nations, children get exposed and become susceptible to the presence of armed groups. Due to their lack of education, poor economic standing, or simply a want for a place in society, children are driven to join the ranks of such non-state entities. Such children are used not only as child soldiers but also as human shields, and sex slaves. Mainly prevalent in developing nations, the child soldier phenomenon exists mainly due to lack of protective forces and educational institutions. No less than 2000 women and girls have been abducted by Boko Haram, since the beginning of the year 2014. The traumatic experiences, that these children are forced to endure, lead to increased incidences of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and psychological distress. This leads to impeding of reintegration programs, which today, states are in lack of. Former child soldiers are not easily accepted into the society due to the dangers which they pose. It is due to this neglect that such affected children undergo psychotic episodes or even revert to the ways they’ve been taught.

Keeping in mind the Convention on Rights of Children (CRC) of 1990, it is necessary for the global village to curb all means which expose children to violence. The protection of children and their rights is not only the responsibility of the parents/guardians but also that of the state. We must realize that if drastic measures are not taken very soon, we might suffer the possible loss of a whole generation.

Though this is a cause that no country stands morally against, child soldiers are prevalent mainly in the African continent (South Sudan, DRC, etc.) due to the lack of finances. Radical groups like the ISIS use child soldiers extensively while developed nation like the United Kingdom start enrolling (not deploying) at the age of 16. Asia, though has almost negligible child soldiers, is still in requirement to pass apt legislation to help in reintegration of former child soldiers.

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