High School General Assembly 1
El Salvador


Shemar Mckoy

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Delegate(s): Shemar Mckoy Delegation: El Salvador WIMUN: General Assembly 1

Official Position on Organized Crime in El Salvador Background Organized crime in El Salvador has been an issue since the settling of the civil war in 1992 which saw many individuals being unemployed. This was primarily because most of these individuals were involved in jobs that would reap significant profit for them during the civil war such as an arms trafficker or a death squad member. The prevalence of organized crime is as a result of high unemployment rates and adverse poverty which pushes individual in the country to a life of crime to earn a “salary”. This issue is of relevance to international community because El Salvador has the highest crime rate in the world as a country who is not war and has approximately 25,000 gangs. This suggest that the strategies employed by the government of El Salvador to combat organized crime are not effective enough and so the issue at hand poses a threat for the citizens in the country therefore international aid is needed. The main positions on the issue are the gangs MS 1...