High School General Assembly 5


Andre Inverdale

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Country: Egypt

Topic: Achieving Sustainable Development through Employment Creation and Decent Work for All

The goal of achieving sustainable development and decent work for the people in every country, has been a longstanding issue of the United Nations dating back to 1945 and the International Labour Organization (ILO). Over the years, the ability to create decent and productive jobs, has been increasingly difficult with the rapid growth of the world population. It is of great concern that while the world moves towards a more globalized economy, a lot of young people in developing countries are still plagued with unemployment, social inequalities and limited opportunities that forces them into poverty. A country can never achieve economic stability and sustainable growth if there exist unemployment, poverty and gender inequality. Up to this day, especially in Egypt, women are still facing discrimination in the workforce, laboures in the informal sector are suffering from the deplorable working conditions and peop...