High School General Assembly 2


Sarah Tucker

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High School General Assembly 2 Promotion and protection of human rights (children and armed conflict) Country focus: Egypt

The world, in general, has sojourned on a dangerous path when the fundamental principle of basic humanitarianism especially towards our children is questioned. UNICEF captured that over thirty million children were displaced by conflict, and millions are scared by violence. This is a reality that members and non-member states of United Nations encounter daily. The socio-economic problem of child involvement in armed conflict has heighten in my country due to factors such as terrorism, counter terrorism, sexual exploits, poverty and the usage of child soldiers in armed groups. International actions or legislative enactment have been materialized to effectively seek to adjust the interconnection between children and armed conflict. On June 18, 2015 the United Nations drafted a resolution paper in which a ‘Children, Not Soldiers’ campaign was launched, this initiative was implemented ...