High School General Assembly 6


Bilal Abayomi

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Country: Egypt Committee: 6 Theme: Promotion and protection of human rights (migrant children)

When one thinks of children, one should view them as a jewel filled with potential. A jewel worth protecting and worth ensuring their rights are fulfilled. As of 2014, the most recent date for which the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) provided figures, Egypt has been home to 236,090 refugees and 25,631 asylum seekers (Human Rights Watch, 2017). These people are fleeing oppressive and often time violent countries in search of peace for them and their children. With such an influx of people, who often times are without proper documentation, suffer from a language barrier and are economically vulnerable, they are severely susceptible for human rights violations. Children, being young and often times psychologically affected by the violence from the country which they fled fall especially at risk. Alt...