University General Assembly 2


Anathi Khatywa
South Africa

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Human Trafficking in Ecuador

Ecuador has for many years been at the epicenter of human trafficking, especially the trafficking of women and children. It has been estimated that 3000 people get trafficked from Ecuador annually and 60% of trafficking victims are women. We identified human trafficking to be 1 of 5 most serious problems linked to the high amount of violence that has occurred through the years in the Northern border region. Indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorians, as well as Colombian refugees are usually the most vulnerable to sex trafficking. It has also been reported that some impoverished Ecuadorian parents have allowed traffickers to temporarily take their children in order to earn money domestically or in neighboring countries. The high demand for sex tourism and prostitution has led to sex trafficking being a sustainable business. Cheap labor is also another factor that has led to human trafficking being a sustainable business due to the high demand of slave labour. There was a reported increase of Ecuadorian children being subjected into forced criminal labour, such as robbery and drug distribution in 2015. A consci...