High School General Assembly 5
Côte d'Ivoire


Neha Prabhu
United States

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Position Paper: Cote d’Ivoire Topic: Achieving sustainable development through employment creation & decent work for all Delegate Name: Neha Prabhu Committee: High School General Assembly 5

The current global economy is rapidly increasing due to various factors such as technology development, human resources and investment in physical capital. While this growth is necessary for an economy to provide employment to people, its benefits cannot be applied in the case of developing nations such as those belonging to the African continent. The reason being that, achieving economic growth in a country requires an education system aligned with skill-based training, at par with the needs of the labor market. Cote D’Ivoire acknowledges the benefits of economic growth in a country and strives to attain such progress by providing its citizens with better opportunities for decent work .However, for the past two decades, the nation has been deeply affected by a declining economy due to a high unemployment rate among its youth.

The major challenge that Cote D’Ivoire has faced throughout the 21st century is the unemployment of its youth. As more graduates fill the country, there are lesser decent work opportunities available. This is due to the absence of training systems, low standards of education, and lack of access to entrepreneurship programs. As the GDP grows, inequality grows as well, along with the visible gap between socioeconomic statuses. According to the Borjen Project, which was founded to help improve the economy of developing countries in Africa, GDP grew by 9.8% in 2012 in the Ivory Coast and yet almost one fourth of the country remained unemployed. Therefore, with a staggering 66.7% of its youth w...