University General Assembly 1


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The institution of Justice in an international environment demands a right path to be traversed. And history reveals the conflicted path by which the legal system has struggled to establish a society of states that has lived, and still lives, in an environment of constant violation of Human Rights. And these violations, that are sustained by socially constructed mechanisms, politically neglected and improperly discussed, go against the ethical and universal principles proposed by the UN Charter, promulgated in 1945. In a world where the number of humanitarian disasters only grows, it is evident that there are legal, political and economic gaps that reduce the efficiency of the institutions to effectively combat the root causes of existing humanitarian conflicts. Considering this, the United Nations turns itself into a platform for change, aiming to develop policies that may affect positively affect the justice system around the world.

The Republic of Colombia is a country that builds and rebuilds itself under humanitarian policies. It Searches for an inclusive and participatory development with its culturally diverse people that for years seek an effective criminal order, which may provoke good changes in the humanitarian issues faced for years. The dissolutions caused by State diversions in the interior floor, led to the birth of the guerrillas, ...