High School Security Council


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Committee: Security Council

Topic: Children and armed Conflict

Country: The People's Republic of China

School: United Schools of Perú

As China's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Liu Jieyi said, “the ability of children to grow up in a secure and safe environment depends on the caring and joint of all Governments and the international community as a whole“. Conflict affects us all as an International Community and represents the failure of peace. The most affected and vulnerable groups are those of children, as their security depends on us. Children affected by armed conflict face various problems, including abuses that lead to severe consequences such as psychological and physical damages, problems that will take long to recover during the process of reintegration into society. Collaboration between major powers, such as the UN, governments, and NGO’s have taken a series of measures to finally put an end to this problem. The main steps are the creation of the Children’s rights in 1956, the 2002 listing mechanism of the UN Secretary General, the Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism (MRM), and more recent ones like the Security Council’s resolution 1882, and the campaign “Children, Not Soldiers”.

The People’s Republic of China has stated in diverse opportunities that the issue of children and armed conflict has to be declared an area of concern for all countries and the entire United Nations system. We urge the parties concerned to end conflicts through peaceful means as soon as possible, based on the fact that this would prevent further harm against children in those conflicts and enable them to resume a normal life and study. In 1992, China managed to achieve 21 out of 24 global goals for child development since it implemented the "National Program of Action for Child Development in China in the 1990s". Additionally, our permanent representative has given multi...