High School General Assembly 3


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Committee: General Assembly Committee Three

Topic: Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All its Aspects

Country: People’s Republic of China

School: United Schools of Peru

Since the creation of small arms and light weapons, there has been an ongoing illicit trade for several purposes: from armed groups and criminal networks, to terrorist organisations and as a black market currency. Additionally, it is estimated that the global illegitimate business in SALW is valued at $1 billion. Therefore, as any other currency, it all sums up to a supply and demand issue. That means that the measures that shall be introduced must address the manufacturers, traders, and sellers, as well as the users. The illicit trade in SALW (small arms and light weapons) has been a major concern for multiple countries across the globe, as it represents a huge threat to their security, peace, inner affairs, economy, and sovereignty. Furthermore, recent studies made by Anup Shah state that 90% of civilian casualties worldwide are consequence of SALW. Former Secretary General Ban Ki Moon stated on his report S/2015/289 that “the widespread availability of small arms and light weapons was a factor in the over 250 conflicts of the past decade, leading to more than 50,000 deaths each year and record levels of displacement”. That is why almost every country has implemented through the years several measures to address the issue at hand; despite their ideology, every country has been affected and has implemented measures against the issue. Th...