High School General Assembly 2


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Committee: General Assembly Committee Two Topic: Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (Children and Armed Conflicts) Country: People’s Republic of China School: United Schools of Peru

To talk about terrorism is to talk about death. It is talking about victims and perpetrators. It is to call for peace in the midst of hate. The People’s Republic of China believes this to be a global issue of major concern to the International Community. Being in the 21st century, it seems ironic to still have conflicts in which not only destruction takes place, but also the lives of millions are under risk at every given second. Matters such as abductions, military recruitment, child labour, killing, maiming, lack of education, and several forms of child exploitation, altogether disproportionately affect our citizens. Even though all nations are at risk, the most vulnerable regions have been identified in Middle Eastern States. Major powers have also decided to take sides regarding certain measures when addressing this topic. For instance, while the United States of America works by the side of China, France is on another side along with The United Kingdom and Spain. Nonetheless, the International Community is constantly active and has been taking several actions, including the implementation of the “Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC)”, which was introduced in July 2005 at the Millennium Summit with the hopes of achieving methods for the protection of children in affected areas. Furthermore, peacekeeping actions are the largest in...