High School General Assembly 1


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Committee: General Assembly Committee One

Topic: Strengthening the UN Criminal and Justice System

Country: People's Republic of China

School: United Schools of Peru

During and after World War II, humanity as a whole had major losses in almost every aspect of life. Consequently, the United Nations was created in order to avoid another catastrophe of such magnitude and to assure peace for all civilians and nations. Nevertheless, the International Community is extremely concerned about the obstacles that make it more difficult to reach to a solution regarding the matters of contention that our world is currently facing. The International Community needs to unite forces to combat the most pressing issues and to accomplish all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). In this case, the focus relies on the sixteenth SDG, sub-target four, as it is of enormous importance to assure the correct attainment of our reason of existence: peace. This being said, we need to focus on the various cases of organized crime, money laundering, traffic of drugs, people, and arms through the diffusion of values and civic education to prevent children from becoming criminals. Furthe...