University General Assembly 2


Daniel Arnot
South Africa

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Delegation of the Republic of Burundi

General assembly 2: Improving the coordination of efforts against trafficking in persons

The Republic of Burundi, a Presidential Representative democratic republic found in the Great Lakes Region of East Africa, under the leadership of Pierre Nkurunziza (as Head of State and Head of Government) is a country with a complex and violent political history. The Republic of Burundi, having overcome colonisation, civil war, two genocides and more still finds itself in a delicate political situation with much civil unrest still taking place, but peace negotiations and UN intervention aim to rectify this. The Republic of Burundi is a landlocked country, bordering Rwanda, Tanzania and The Democratic Republic of the Congo. As a result of its neighbours and the conflict within and around them, Burundi is host to multitudes of refugees, although efforts to repatriate them are underway. Thus, as a consequence of Burundi’s internal political turmoil, geographical locati...