High School General Assembly 2


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Topic: Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (Children and Armed Conflict)

 The rights of children were established with the Convention of the Rights of the Child as resolution 44/25 of November 20th, 1989. In it, we find a definition of what a child is, the rights of all that fall upon such definition, and the ways in which we, as representatives of our respective governments, should try to enforce and maintain these rights. It is declared that, among these rights, are the rights to protection, care, and freedom. We can also acknowledge, and have done so, through the Geneva Convention, that child soldiers are not permitted under international law. It is easy to see, even with the naked eye and raw morality alone, that children in the battlefields, for whatever reason that they may be there, are a moral issue. 
 Brazil, as a nation, tries to adhere to the regulations set by the Convention on ...