High School General Assembly 5


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Committee: General Assembly Committee Five

Topic: Achieving Sustainable Development from Employment Creation and Decent Work for All

Country: Republic of Botswana

Schools: United Schools of Peru

As Martin O’Malley said, “Progress is a choice. Job creation is a choice”. This phrase comes to us as a call for nations to combine efforts in order to create jobs to promote progress and development. This has led several nations around the world to work on the promotion of employment and have obtained good results. However a new problem appeared with this idea due to the fact that many employers started to report inadequate treatment, which includes physical and psychological abuse, overwork, discrimination, bad salary and other actions that affected the integrity of the employee. In view of that situation, the International Community met in the first International Labour Conference in 1919 and agreed on the principles and regulations stipulated in the six International Labour Conventions adopted, apart from the other two conventions which were adopted in 1951 and 1958 r...