High School General Assembly 2


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Committee: General Assembly Committee Two

Topic: Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (Children in Armed Conflicts)

Country: Republic of Botswana

School: United Schools of Peru

Graça Machel, a well-known Mozambican children’s right activist, once said, “The impact of armed conflict on children must be everyone's concern and everyone´s responsibility”. According to some sources, around 300,00 children participate in armed groups around the world. Although an exact number is almost impossible to calculate, this figure should be enough for the International Community to realize that this problem has a transcendental impact on the development of children at risk, who have the potential to become the leaders of tomorrow but are being deprived of this opportunity. Children in armed conflicts do not only suffer from physiological traumas and physical pain, as they are also denied several of their rights, including the right to education. Recent studies show that in 2013, the United Nations documented more than 4.000 children being recruited and used as shields in armed conflicts, This number...