High School General Assembly 4


Omar Al Bastaki
United Arab Emirates

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Committee name: High school General Assembly 4

Topic: Improving the coordination of efforts against trafficking in persons

Delegate: Omar Al Bastaki, Jumeirah Baccalaureate School

Human Trafficking can be simply explained as a modern-day slavery involving the practice of illegally transporting people from a certain country to another, in pursuance for sexual exploitation and forced labor. It has been pervasively exploited as lucrative mean to capitalize on the misfortunes of others. Throughout these decades, this global crime has yet to be ameliorated or even significantly improved in the response to this crime in terms of justice. It has become the world’s biggest international crime and one the largest sources of income for organized crime.

Bangladesh standpoint towards human trafficking is an extremely profound one. The country is one of the source countries as well as transit points for human trafficking. Every year thousands of people are trafficked out. In a study of a UNICEF report, it transpired that among the trafficking victims, the women and the children are in the most vulnerable position. From Bangladesh, around four hundred women and children are trafficked out every month. According to various studies, 1 million women and children have been smuggled out of the country in the last 30 years. Bangladesh has become an easy target of human trafficking because alluring and deceiving the poor and illiterate is gen...