High School General Assembly 6


Aly Ibrahim

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Committee: High School General Assembly 6 Topic: Promotion and protection of human rights (migrant children) Country: Bangladesh

The issue of child abuse is one that encompasses many intersecting issues at once; analyzing the main causes of child abuse reveals socioeconomic, political, and cultural factors all playing a part in this widespread social epidemic. Child abuse on its own is an issue that requires serious globally supported measures to eradicate, however, when it comes to migrant children, the issue is amplified. Migrant children face political barriers that prevent them from seeking safety, these obstacles often presenting themselves in the form of systemic exploitation of their at-risk situation (Revesz). The treacherous nature of migration implies risk factors that include instability in children’s’ countries of origin, or oppressive governments, often putting children in harsh situations where abuse is prevalent. It is internati...