High School General Assembly 4


Tim Vellinga
United Arab Emirates

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Position Paper

Committee: High School General Assembly 4 Topic: Human Trafficking Country: Bahrain Delegate: Tim Vellinga, Jumeira Baccalaureate School

In the past two decades, the influx of migrant workers around the world has rapidly expanded due to an array of factors depending on the environment, usually caused by armed conflicts or lack of opportunity. Migrants, including men, woman and children, are usually deceived into leaving their country of origin with false promises of greater living conditions in the country of destination. The contingent opportunity lead the migrant workers to victims of trafficking. Human trafficking is the illegal movement of these groups who are subjected to coercion of labor and sexual exploitation and other forms of exploitation.

Bahrain is a country of destination, and in some instances the transit for groups exposed to trafficking. Bahrain attracts a large foreign workforce due to a growing demand in certain types of employment, in particular domestic work, entertainment and construction. Therefore, the majority of migrants migrate to Bahrain for the purpose of greater economical opportunities through a sponsorship system. Thus in 2016, foreign migrant workers made up 44 per cent of to the total workforce in Bahrain . The percentage increased by 7.8 per cent compared to 2015 . Hence, making it is one of the major receiving countries for foreign ...