High School General Assembly 6


Patrick McAteer
United Kingdom

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Position paper General Assembly Six - Promotion and protection of human rights (migrant children) Country: Bahrain Delegate: Patrick McAteer, Jumeira Baccalaureate School

Unfortunately in this so-called modern era, problems such as child abuse still arise and are yet to be eradicated. The mistreatment of children, refugee or not is and ever concerning problem in our global society. This abuse has many forms, it can be through physical, physiological, neglectfully or sexual behaviours. Child abuse can be seen in all areas of a child’s life, from their very own home, to their school or local community. Household child abuse can be quite common with child abuse calls coming in every ten seconds. As children show more innocence and weakness within, abuse can be more common, especially in more poverty stricken areas where an i...