High School General Assembly 1


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Nowadays, the number of organized international crime, is quite large because of too many people lose self-fulfillment, the ability to be able to and establish itself in society as a perfect member. World crime has gone beyond every limit in terms of human rights and state intervention is no longer enough in order to solve this problem. despite the country living of every citizen to feel secure and confident. was the fact that he is not in danger. In this regard, the most difficult situation is in countries where state institutions are not strong and articulate where we still have blooming corruption and government bureaucrats are bullying a variety of large and medium-sized businesses, instead of trying to fight against: Cybercrime, Trafficking and etc. Such situation will inevitably require the UN intervention in and state reforms under monitoring mission. Today in Australia, the crime level is markedly lower, it is somewhat motivated by the fact that Australia's has quit...