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Diane Dodds - Non-attached (United Kingdom)


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Topic A: European Border and Coast Guard

One of the most prominent problems of the European Union is the refugee crisis. Following the inflicted situation in states of Middle East and Africa, a vast majority of the population of those countries flowed in Europe seeking for asylum. Thus European States are receiving everyday a plethora of refugees that try to find a way to save themselves by staying in Europe. In order to protect both the interest of the Union and the human rights of the refugees that left their countries, a lot of measures have been implemented and have been discussed between the Member States of the Union. Specifically, the Commission proposed for a European Border and Coast Guard Regulation that will include mostly Member States that are already taking part in the Schengen Agreement.
Northern Ireland and UK even if they are faced with the refugee crisis problems, they are dealing with the asylum applications through their have own unique system for asylum seekers, the Home Office, and organize their immigration and asylum policy separately from the participating States of the Schengen Area. The Home Office deals with immigration and asylum seeking in such a way that aims to the protection of the rig...