European Parliament
Wim van de Camp - EPP (Netherlands)


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Committee: The European Parliament
Deputy: Wim Van De Camp, EPP, The Netherlands
Topic A: The European Border and Coast Guard

The European Union is currently confronted with a major structural issue, that of illegal migration. Recent dismantling of the Calais jungle, and periodic rescuing of hundreds of shipwrecked illegal migrants in the Mediterranean Sea are just the visible part of the iceberg. In 2015, more than a million people have travelled to the EU, as political refugees fleeing their country for political unrest, or simply seeking better economic conditions. Most of them need basic humanitarian aid, health care, a shelter and juridical protection. This highly impacts the countries on the migrants’ way, whose hosting capacities are often exceeded and the situation sometimes reaches a critical state in these countries. Most migrants enter the EU illegally, or illegally remain in the EU once their visa has expired, which makes it even harder for Member States to handle the flow of migrants. This is why the Commission has strengthened the mandate of FRONTEX through the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, which reinforces the regulation of migrants’ flows at the external borders. Indeed, free circulation of persons inside the Schengen area makes it a common issue of all Member States to protect the external borders from illegal migration.

Along with other EU members, The Netherlands has accepted to host 7 000 refugees. The Netherlands received 20 000 asylum applications i...