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Bendt Bendtsen - EPP (Denmark)


Lukas Kurth

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1. European Border and Coast Guard

Wars, conflicts, environmental catastrophes and other humanitarian crises have increased the number of refugees worldwide to 60 million in 2015. (1) With over 1.5 million irregular migrants entering Europe, the Union has been facing tremendous tasks. Especially the countries at the outer borders have been under enormous migratory pressure and were sometimes overwhelmed with the duties put on them. Following this, a loss of control at Europe’s outer borders has occurred and many of the entering asylum seekers have been forwarded without further identification or registration. With an increased critical public debate, concerning the unlimited acceptance of immigration and the Union’s ability to control the borders, some Member States have seen themselves forced to reintroduce national border control measures. The Kingdom of Denmark established border controls with Germany following a decision of the government of Sweden to refuse entry to any person not providing necessary identification. Despi...