European Parliament
Pilar Ayuso - EPP (Spain)


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Committee: European Parliament Topic A: European Border and Coast Guard Country: Kingdom of Spain Member: Pilar Ayuso (EPP) Delegate: Lucas Henrique De Lucia Gaspar

General Perspective

The European Union is, right now, in so delicate a moment, after all, due to the chaotic situation of other countries, concerning from security aspects to economic issues, a lot of people tried to enter legally or illegally inside of the EU. It is noteworthy to highlight that the illegal migrants arrive always from the same specific States, and, because of it, it is crucial to the European Union and the European Border and Coast Guard to develop policies, to supervise these areas and to coordinate actions with these Member States in order to assist them. After all, it is not only a national problem, but an European Union issue, as the illegal migrants cross their e...