European Parliament
Pascal Arimont - EPP (Belgium)


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POSITION PAPER PASCAL ARIMONT European People’s Party | EuroMUN Maastricht | 2017  TOPIC A: European Border and Coast Guard Regulation

In the latest years Europe is facing the biggest migratory crisis since its origin. Europe is up against one of the biggest change in its history. The migrants’ crise is affecting the security and protection of the EU external and internal borders. If our external borders are not effectively controlled and secure, all the Schengen Area is in danger, because of the absence of internal borders, indeed. The migration’s phenomenon has several aspects to be analised, and we need to look at each of them, in order to come up with an all-encompassing plan. The geopolitical space of the EU has expanded or decreased because of the historical circumstances and the political willingness of the ruling coalitions of its Member States. It is undeniable that the influences that politics and not only the market rule, carried out in shaping the migratory flows and space of that singular model of supernational political integration that is the European Union. Not always this re-shaping has happenede in the righter and wishful direction, so as to match the general with the specific interest of immigrant’s groups and ethnic minorities. We are, even though, aware that even against the circumstances it is a great success that this policy-making process has started. We firmly believe that we need to debate about the identity of the European migration space and its borders: we are convinced that the migration dynamics and regional networks have suffered meaningful consequence...